a writing career plan
by Vivian Beck
1.  Never lose sight of the fact that writing is a business.  Park your butt in a chair and write!  

2.  Investigate all your options, your career is in your hands.  Make your career go where YOU want it to go.

3.  Are you productive?  What are you capable of doing?  Write down your goals, one large goal and several smaller goals.   Think about your goals everyday.   Note:  Your #1 goal should be -- Get published!   

4.  Make sure your goals are realistic and cover periods of: week, month, year, 5 years.  

5.  Reach for your goals.  Make time for what you want.   If you want to succeed as a writer you must make the time to write.  

6.  Believe in yourself and remember, you are in control!  Your desire to succeed is the most important factor in your goal to be a published author.  

7.  Do whatever work is necessary to reach your goal.  Example:  Complete your novel!

8.  Study your market then find the best agent in that market to sell your work. 

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